Why Memory Hive?

  • Capture life moments that are easy to forget e.g., kids’ quotes, silly stories, videos of first bike rides, vacation moments, summer days...
  • Make memories with all those videos & photos sitting on your phone
  • Uniquely designed by parents for parents. Everything you want in one app.

Compared to Social Networks

  • Memory Hive is NOT ANOTHER SOCIAL NETWORK. Hooray!
  • 100% PRIVATE by default. No concerns over who sees your children on-line
  • No pressure to “Upload your address book”
  • Easy to share. No friending, following, connecting or commenting needed to share or view photos and videos

Compared to Journal Apps

  • Save and back-up photos AND VIDEOS
  • Enter, edit & view memories on iPhone and WEBSITE, memoryhive.com
  • AUTO-BACKED UP to website instantly
  • Add photo effects. 1-stop photo editing
  • Save multiple memories per day, with no character limit
  • Add multiple photos and videos per post

Compared to Photo Apps

  • Store photos AND VIDEO
  • Easily jot down life’s little big moments.
  • Easily combine your videos & photos from your iPhone and Facebook into a video highlight film / slideshow

More Great Features

  • Download your memories whenever you want
  • Share memories on Facebook, Twitter, or by email – YOU’RE in control
  • Share memories in your Honey Jar, a personalized web page to share with family & friends
  • Import photos from Facebook
  • Send a postcard of photos
  • Organize memories into hives for easy grouping. Create as many hive as you want
  • Create memory books (Coming soon)
  • Play on your Apple TV (iPad 2 or iPhone 4S required)